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Fish Tail Braids + A Classic Braid

August 12, 2016

Recently it’s been so hard to try and take photos for blog posts and hair tutorials because the lighting in my apartment has been SO terrible! Ivy has grown over my windows and basically blocks out half the light and apparently summer in New York means rainstorms like 5 times a week. I guess it’s okay because then the sun doesn’t bake my apartment, but then I have the hardest time taking good photos! So today I tried to do a full tutorial on how to get this hairstyle but barely any of the photos turned out, so I thought because it is similar to a previous tutorial I’ve done, I’ll just explain it and link the other tutorial.

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Step 1:

So first, take about two inches of hair towards the front of your head. I took the pieces right behind my bangs. Comb out the section of hair, and begin to fishtail. Instead of taking the hairs over each other to create the fishtail braid, I put them underneath but it really doesn’t matter for this hairstyle.

Step 2:

Next, pull apart the fishtail braids a good amount and make them messy and full. The messier the better in my opinion. Then secure them behind your head, but closer to the nape of your neck.

Step 3:

With the rest of your hair, create a tight braid and secure it. Then pull it apart, making it full and messy!

similar posts: how to achieve this pretty braid for spring dutch braid into a fishtail

And that is it! It’s a super simple hairstyle but looks really pretty for the summer. I really wish that the lighting was better in my apartment, but I really just wanted to get a post up! Hopefully the weather will get better and the lighting will be better in my apartment soon so I can do a full tutorial! Make sure to check out the similar posts links to see a similar hair tutorial but with more photos!




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