January 25, 2017

Hi, hello! I’ve been wanting to change up the content on my blog for quite awhile and I’ve been brainstorming A LOT about what would be interesting, fun and different. I’ve always wanted to connect more bloggers together, especially ones with a smaller following and share their story (because community, DUH). I’ve also always wanted to open up my blog to be more of a space for more than just me and more of a space where community can flourish (especially in times like these…nuf said).

SO. Basically, I want to start a new segment where I interview bloggers and kind of share their story and see what happens. So if you know of any bloggers who you think would be a good fit, email me! If you think YOU would be a good fit, then also EMAIL ME! You can reach me at or you can go to my contact form here.



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