Easy Twist + Braid

January 10, 2017


Now that I’m in a new apartment, I’ve been having to figure out how/where to take hair photos. I feel like I found something that finally works, but I’m still tweaking it a bit and figuring out what works best/what’s easiest. Hopefully now I’ll be able to post more hair tutorials in the very near future!

However, the first one of the new year is this twisted look + a simple braid. It’s a pretty easy one, and looks really pretty.


Step 1:

Start with a loose pony, and flip the pony onto itself to create the twist. However, leave out about 2 inch sections on each side of the ponytail. I also like to curl my hair for this look, because it makes the twists hold better.


Step 2:

Then just braid the bottom section in a normal braid, and make sure to pull it out to make it look a little messy/thicker. For this look, I only braided down about half-way.


Step 3:

The last step is to then take the extra sections and twist them and place them over each other on the back of your head. Then, make sure to try and tuck them underneath the top of the ponytail where you make the twists and then secure with bobby pins.



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