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What Glossier Looks Like On A Real Person

January 20, 2017

I seriously love Glossier. The aesthetic, the packaging, the showroom and the products (of course). I recently went to the showroom here in New York and it’s so amazing. The experience in itself is great, even if you’re going to just check it out. The way everything is set up is unlike any other store I’ve ever been to. And everyone who works there is so nice and helpful. Basically, if you’re in the New York area I HIGHLY recommend.

So, I thought after picking up some goods from Glossier, I’d show you what they look like on me. A real person. As much as I love Glossier, they always show their products on women that literally already have flawless skin, so it can be kind of hard to see how well the products actually work. I sadly didn’t buy everything to use, but I bought a good amount of things so you can see at least how a few things work and of course I included reviews of everything as well!


Boy Brow – Brown: I was pretty skeptical about trying this because I’ve tried similar products and they didn’t work as well as I thought they would. Because my brow hairs are pretty thick, these products tend to not really work on me that well. I didn’t think I would be able to get away with using JUST a brow gel to fill in my brows (because normally I can’t), but I actually really like how they look. It probably helps that I’m letting my brows really grow out so there’s a lot to work with right now.

Generation G – Zip: I really really really like this stuff. A lot. I like how it’s matte, stays on well, doesn’t fade in a weird crusty way like most matte lip colors do, it’s really build-able and it also smells a little bit like doughnuts…(?). I swear, maybe it’s just me who thinks that. But I think this is probably my favorite product out of everything that I got. Also, I noticed when I’m wearing it, it doesn’t feel like anything is on my lips which is GREAT.

Balm Dotcom – Coconut: This stuff does what it’s supposed to do, so it obviously gets an A++. It also smells like amazing coconuts, so….yeah. Also, the packaging is really cute, which to me is actually really important. What can I say, I want to like what my products look like!

Stretch Concealer – Light: I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this concealer because it is really lightweight and thin, but I actually really like it. I’ve been opting for more of a natural look recently, and I really like how this stuff doesn’t cake at all and it’s definitely build-able! I don’t think I’d use it if I was looking for something with a little more coverage for maybe a night out or something, but I think it’s really great for everyday.

*In the pics I’m still wearing Burts Bee’s BB Cream in medium and mascara, but everything else is Glossier!



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