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Product Profile: Drifter Organics

February 20, 2017

YAY. I’m really excited about this post because it’s the first in a new series called Product Profiles. I love finding new brands and products that aren’t really yet in the ‘mainstream’ and giving them a try. So I wanted to create a new series where I can then share them with you.

The first brand I’m going to introduce you to is called Drifter Organics. Drifter Organics was founded by the mother-daughter duo Micaela and Dawn Marie Hoo, and their goal is to show that you can “live a holistic life without sacrificing style”. And it’s safe to say that they have definitely succeeded in doing so. Micaela is also the founder of a cute little blog called Oh My Drifter where she shares her own personal style and inspiration.

Now onto the products…

Neutralizer and Serenity Now Body Butter: Both of these body butters smell so good. The Neutralizer body butter is made with lime so it’s super refreshing and I like to use it in the morning to give me an extra zing when I wake up. While the Serenity Now body butter has lavender (which I’m such a sucker for) so it’s great to use at night to help unwind. Both are made with shea butter, so they’re super moisturizing and they really soak into the skin, not leaving you feeling gross and greasy. Major plus.

Smile Balm: I’m kind of a hoarder when it comes to lip products, so I’m always looking to try new lip balms. What I like most about this lip balm is that it stays on for a good amount of time. I hate when I use a lip balm and it’s gone in an hour. It’s also made with shea butter, which does a great job at moisturizing.



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