Blogger Interview: Mariah Rickard

March 1, 2017
1. Why did you start your blog? 
I started my blog totally on a whim. It was almost four years ago this March. I had stumbled upon an outfit photo of blogger Katie Did What off pinterest. It led me to her blog, and as I started looking for some outfit inspiration, I found other posts that included stuff about her faith. I was amazed at how I could feel so connected to someone through simply reading their words on a website. As I started finding other bloggers I liked, I came to this realization that I could do it too. I could create a blog and show off my style, while using my platform for others to get to know me and how my faith influences my life.
2. How did the name of your blog come about?
As a child my mother would call me Missy Moo. Then as I got older she dropped the missy for some reason and I became Moo. She called me that so much it pretty much became my name. In elementary school she would volunteer as a parent helper and so my friends and teachers even started calling me it. Once I graduated high school the amount of people who knew about the name or still called me it became very few. Yet, when I was trying to name my blog it just seemed to work out to use the name Moo. So Moo’s Musing was born.
3. What keeps you motivated to blog? Where do you find your inspiration?
As a child I never really stuck with any hobby. I played a lot of different sports, but I never stuck to anything. Once I started blogging though, I just didn’t want to stop. I’ve become so proud of what I’ve built and how I just keep doing it. I’m proud of myself for sticking with something for so long, and now that something truly brings me joy. As for inspiration, that comes to me from many different places. I’m inspired by the community that blogging creates and the friendships I’ve built through it. I’m also inspired by new clothes. Guilty online shopper over here. Clothes are a part of life, and I think they really can set the tone for how one feels and presents themselves. I’m inspired to create affordable, cute, and functional outfits that inspire my readers.
4. How does it feel to be a women influencer online, especially in today’s world?
It’s quite a mixed bag of emotions. Some days it’s so amazing! The community that blogging has given me is amazing, and I love feeling the love and support from other bloggers. Even better, I love giving that support to other women. It’s empowering and helps build confidence. Yet, at other times, it really sucks. It feels like everyone nowadays is a fashion blogger. Some people are in it for the right reasons, and others look at what we do as something easy and frivolous when they have no idea the time and effort that goes into our craft.
5. What other hobbies do you have besides blogging?
My college degree was actually in graphic design, and I love creating beautiful things. I own my own online stationery and invitation store. Named after my generational middle name, my business, Madeliene Designs, is what you can find me working on when I’m not working on my blog.
6. Do you ever find it hard to keep up with blogging? Like keeping up with trends? Not repeating outfits on your blog, etc? 
Oh yes! Finding ways to stay relevant, stay up to date on trends, and not just post the same boring outfits that are my staples every day, is really hard. It can also be very expensive. It’s a lot of work to come up with new content and new post ideas every week. Sometime I fail, and maybe only one new post goes live that week. I’m constantly online shopping and searching for new items that have been released to keep new outfit posts coming to my blog. Yet, I’m not swimming in money, so I have to find a balance. Also, my readers probably aren’t swimming in money either (God bless you if you are, and then I hope you buy all the clothes your heart desires), so repeating their pieces is going to happen as well. I want to show that on my blog too. I aim to try to repeat and rewear my clothes, just in a new way. 
7. Where do you see blogging in the future? 5 years from now?
Blogging is incredibly popular right now. Everyone and their mother seems to be some sort of blogger, whether that’s just on Instagram or through an actual website. I think that the blogging world is still growing. It’s not quite hit the highest in popularity that it can be, in my opinion. It’s just going to keep getting more popular. I hope that in 5 years I’m still blogging, and that my blog has grown and developed with my life and the lives of my readers.
8. Have you ever written a post that you were hesitant to post? Or thought about writing a post, but decided against it? If so, what was it about?
Being that I aim to be a lifestyle blogger just as much as a fashion blogger, some posts are hard to write. I love to read and follow other bloggers who are open with their readers. It makes them feel more like a friend than just some person on the internet. I hope that my readers can feel that way about myself too. Since I try to share the most important parts of my life with my readers, when something doesn’t go so well, I hope to share that too. My life isn’t picture perfect and that’s the way it is. I’ve had a long term relationship who I thought was it for me. He was pretty involved in the BTS of my blog, and a few times even showed up on it. When the relationship ended, I felt the need to share that with my readers. Writing the post was hard. Just as much as telling your friends when a relationship is over, I had to tell my readers who feel like my friends that a time in my life had come to an end. 


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