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    Rent a Wedding Tent – For a Great Tent Wedding

    Tents can be rented relatively cheaply from a tent rental company. Often you get a flat-rate weekend offer that is even cheaper for self-assembly and self-collection. A simple marquee for about 50 people can be obtained from a good tent supplier in Abu Dhabi from 2000 aed per weekend. At the top, there are of course almost no limits to the tent rental costs. One or the other tent rental company offers, for example, a noble white marquee with window awnings and a chic, lacquered wooden floor including delivery and assembly and dismantling for around 1200 euros for a weekend. Which tent the tent rental company ultimately delivers for the wedding depends primarily…

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    UV and LED radiation not only harm your skin, but also your eyes!

    Protect your eyesight from UV rays and high-energy LED light. Outdoor UV light and LED light are all around us. Today’s everyday life is a permanent attack on our eyes. Today we will inform you about innovative characteristics of eyeglass lenses and give you tips on how to protect your eyes. There are various approaches for people who wear glasses, how to protect the eye area and the eyes, including the lens and retina, from harmful radiation. These glasses are of course also available without prescription, just to protect the eyes. Self-tinting glasses: When exposed to UV radiation, the lenses automatically turn darker. That has two effects. The glass itself absorbs up to 99% of the…