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5 Cardio Exercises To Do at Home Without Equipment

No longer possible to go to the gym during this period of confinement. But you have to be active in order to keep physical shape and good morale. Especially don’t get carried away if you don’t have an exercise bike or treadmill to work on your cardio. The solution is found with cardio exercises to do at home and without equipment . They are perfect for men as well as women. Here are the top 5 cardio exercises you can do everyday in the comfort of your home!

1. The Burpees

The burpee is a complete cardio exercise because it works all the muscles in the body. Burpees work on the pecs, shoulders, arms, abs, thighs and calves . This is a great warm-up exercise that you can do at home, although it doesn’t require any equipment. It is done in four steps which are:

Step 1: Stand upright on the floor or on a mat. Spread your feet apart to create a space of 20 to 30 cm or less between your feet. This spacing depends on your size.

Step 2: Then crouch down and put your hands on the ground and in front of your feet so that they are used as supports.

Step 3: Support yourself on your hands and propel your feet back. In this position, you perform a flexion on your arms like a push-up.

Step 4: Bring your feet back to their original position and straighten up, stretching your whole body, arms relaxed and raised to the sky.

Repeat the sequence as many times as possible.

cardio exercises to do at home without equipment - burpee
cardio exercises to do at home without equipment - burpee

2. The mountain climber

The mountain climber is a cardio exercise that consists of simulating the rise of a very steep slope. It allows you to work the muscles of the thighs, your abdominals and the muscles of the legs . It is a great calorie burner for those who would like to shed a few pounds. It is done in four steps as follows:

Step 1: Put your hands on the floor as if you want to do push-ups. Support yourself on the palms of your hands and straighten your legs back.

Step 2: Make sure your core, pelvis and thighs are aligned. Next, step onto the tip of the right foot and flex the left foot until your left knee approaches your left arm.

Step 3: Relax your left foot and do the same exercise with the right foot, this time leaning on the left foot.

Step 4: Repeat the movement, alternating one foot at a time.

You can start slowly at first and speed up when you have mastered the technique.

cardio exercises to do at home without equipment - mountain climber

3. The Board

The plank is a relatively simple exercise, but its benefits are numerous. Without movement, it allows you to work your deep muscles and strengthen them. It is one of the most effective exercises to do for a flat stomach because it works the deep muscles of the abdomen. The plank exercise par excellence , the plank also allows you to strengthen your back. It is done in three stages:

Step 1: Lay down on a mat and support yourself on your forearms so that your elbows are supporting most of your weight.

Step 2: Relax your body by pressing the tips of your feet until your body is perfectly horizontal.

Step 3  : Contract your stomach muscles and your buttocks and hold yourself in this position for as long as you can before releasing.

You can plank between two hectic exercises to catch your breath!

cardio exercises to do at home without equipment

4. Crunches

The strength of the body depends mainly on that of the abdomen. It’s a great cardio exercise that doesn’t require any equipment. To do a good crunch, you have to follow the following steps:

Step 1  : Lie on your back and flex your legs while keeping your heels on the floor. Put your hands on your ears so that your elbows point to the sky.

Step 2  : Without using the strength of your arms, you should lift your shoulders off the ground, using only the stomach muscles. Bring your shoulders to your knees and relax on your back and resume movement.

By raising your bust towards your thighs, you have the choice between a closed angle or a relatively open angle. Indeed, when your shoulders are very close to your knees, you strengthen the upper abdominals. But if you keep the angle open enough, you work the lower abs . Going up, you can also do the twists to work your lateral muscles .

cardio exercises to do at home without equipment

5. Jump squats

Like the mountain climber, jump squats allow you to work your legs and abs more intensively. With regular knee bends , you strengthen your joints and gain strength. Jump squats are done in three steps:

Step 1  : Stand up and spread your legs apart so that you have the same spacing with your shoulder width. Keep your arms at your sides.

Step 2  : Bend while pushing your pelvis back and stretch your arms out in front at shoulder height. Be sure to keep your back straight during the flexion movement. They help you keep your balance.

Step 3  : Straighten up by bouncing up and sending both hands back. Make sure you come back down on your tiptoes so that you don’t make a noise, bend again and repeat the same movement.

You can describe a circle by turning on yourself.

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