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5 Sports Exercises to Keep Fit During Confinement

The containment is a period marked by the slowdown or complete cessation of all economic activity or policy. This is a security measure imposed by the state in a crisis situation as is currently the case with the  coronavirus . She  however, should not prevent you from playing sports.

You should actually be able to transform your living room into a small gym and continue to practice posture exercises . It is therefore to help you in this dynamic that we suggest you discover a selection of 5 sports exercises easy to perform from your home.

1. Knee climbs: very good sports exercises for jogging at home

keep fit during confinement

If you want to increase your heart rate and burn calories at home, knee climbs are the workout for you. Thanks to the physical efforts that you will provide, you will not only succeed in increasing your cardio , but also in sweating a lot .

To practice this fitness exercise, you must first equip yourself . This involves wearing a workout outfit, putting on a pair of sneakers and installing a mat. All of this will not only help you exercise without disturbing the peace of your neighbors, but also reduce the impact you will make with your feet.

Once everything is ready, start by raising one knee , then the second alternately , keeping your torso straight. Do this exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and you will continue to preserve your beautiful figure.

2. Burpees: essential for working all the muscles in your body

cardio exercises to do at home without equipment - burpee

Doing burpees is the best way to exercise your whole body. Complete, these exercises allow you to do planks, push – ups and even jumps . As with raised knees, try to find a mat first to avoid making too much noise.

Once this is done, begin your standing session with a perfectly straight back and feet together . With this pose, you will now crouch down and touch the ground (in front of you) with your hands at the same time. Without pausing, simultaneously extend your arms and legs , then try to reach the other end of the mat with your legs .

Use your arms to return to your squatting position and do a stead jump with your arms straight up. Repeat these movements as many times as you can at home and you will certainly enjoy its benefits while confined. You can then diversify the crossfit exercises .

3. Jumpings jacks: perfect fitness exercises

Also called star jumps, jumpings jacks are excellent fitness exercises . Just like burpees, they give you the opportunity to use all the muscles in your body . You will have the opportunity to strengthen the lower part of your body through movements of your calves, thighs, shoulders and abdominal straps .

To do jumping jacks, start by adopting the standing position . With your feet together and your arms outstretched at your sides, you will perform a standing jump, simultaneously spreading your legs and arms apart .

For a start, jump at a reduced frequency . As you feel your body temperature increase, do the same with frequency to avoid losing rhythm. Performed on a mat, it is recommended not to spread your legs too far apart during this exercise. Make sure that their opening remains proportional to your physical form .

4. Squats: a great way to strengthen the lower body

keep fit during confinement

The squats are exercises very simple that can beef up members lower your body . Also, by soliciting your glutes and your thighs, this exercise will allow you to enjoy good physical health throughout this period of confinement.

To perform squats, you must first choose between the two different variants which are: jump squats  and classic squats . As for regular (classic) squats , you should start by spreading your legs in proportion to your hip width. After that, bend your feet out a bit . Then, with your arms folded, intertwine your hands and bend as low as possible , always keeping your back straight.

Count a few seconds and return to your initial position. If you want to do jump squats instead , you will follow the same procedure. The only difference is when you come back to your initial position: you must perform a jump in place . Repeat these movements for at least 30 minutes a day .

5. Push-ups: useful for toning the chest

keep fit during confinement

Push- ups are movements that provide a chance  to harden the triceps  and shoulders. They allow you to control your breath and of course to strengthen your chest . There are different types of pumps which, despite their particularity (support), all achieve the same results .

To perform regular push-ups , you will start by lying down with your stomach on the floor . In this position, you should straighten your legs and make sure that they are well supported on the tips of your feet. Also reposition your hands at shoulder height .

With a strong gesture, stretch out your hands and push your whole bust towards the ceiling. Continue the movement until your hands are fully extended . With your bust straight, go back down without your belly touching the ground . In the case of push-ups done on the wall , you will do the exact same thing except this time you will be standing . Moreover, remember to breathe well throughout the exercise.

You now know the essentials to keep in shape despite confinement. Do not hesitate to apply these few exercises at your own pace and according to your physical capacities.

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