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Are the Vacuum cleaners work correctly on Berber Carpet?

Best vacuum cleaner for Berber rugs

Looking for the best upright, wet / dry or canister vaccum the berber carpet? Consider these qualities when selecting your brand. First of all, Berber is not a brand or a carpet name. “Berber” describes the type of fabric used to create the rug. The fabric creates a series of loops that tend to trap dirt and stains, making it difficult to clean. The type of fabric used in a Berber fabric can be made from wool, nylon, polyester, olefin (petroplastic), or a mixture of fiber types. 

The lower the quality of the fabrics used in a Berber rug, the more difficult it will be to care for and keep it clean due to the level of stain resistance. When selecting a vacuum for a best berber carpets vacuum, most Berber carpet manufacturers recommend using a commercial vacuum cleaner.

Rotating brush vacuums can damage the loops of a Berber rug and decrease its life and appearance. If your Berber carpet is new, consider using a Scottish spray protector to help prevent dirt and stains from getting trapped in the carpet.

Most major vacuum cleaner manufacturers, such as Hoover, Dyson, and Electrolux, make wet / dry turbine models of vacuum cleaners. Upright and boat models are effective. Deciding which one is best depends on your needs and your home. Container models may be easier to use in a home with carpeted stairs or small rooms with narrow corners.

Tips for cleaning Berber rugs

Berber Carpet Cleaning Tips Although Berber carpet has only become an option for American homeowners in recent decades, its history actually stretches back thousands of years. This rug originated with the Berber tribe in North Africa, who created their layers and rugs using a natural fiber by hand and a unique loop method. American manufacturers borrowed this construction to create a rug that has grown in popularity since its introduction. Today’s Berber rug is made of short, densely packed loops. 

The short loops of the carpet hide footprints and traffic patterns well, making the Berber a popular choice for high traffic areas. Also, since carpet can be extremely dense, provides excellent cushioning and insulation. Its density also helps prevent dirt from entering the fibers, keeping the carpet beautiful for longer. 

While the Berber rug’s dense construction can prevent dirt from working deep into its fibers, it can also trap dirt and stains once they swell. If you choose a Berber rug for your home, you have to take care of it in the right way, otherwise, you will have to deal with stains that are almost impossible to remove.  Berber carpet care tips to learn more about how to keep your Berber carpet beautiful longer. 

The best way to prevent stains from penetrating deep into your carpet is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. You can do this by removing your shoes before walking on the carpet, leaving food and drink in the kitchen, and training all pets. 

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