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    5 Cardio Exercises To Do at Home Without Equipment

    No longer possible to go to the gym during this period of confinement. But you have to be active in order to keep physical shape and good morale. Especially don’t get carried away if you don’t have an exercise bike or treadmill to work on your cardio. The solution is found with cardio exercises to do at home and without equipment . They are perfect for men as well as women. Here are the top 5 cardio exercises you can do everyday in the comfort of your home! 1. The Burpees The burpee is a complete cardio exercise because it works all the muscles in the body. Burpees work on the pecs, shoulders, arms, abs, thighs and calves . This is a great warm-up exercise…

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    5 Sports Exercises to Keep Fit During Confinement

    The containment is a period marked by the slowdown or complete cessation of all economic activity or policy. This is a security measure imposed by the state in a crisis situation as is currently the case with the  coronavirus . She  however, should not prevent you from playing sports. You should actually be able to transform your living room into a small gym and continue to practice posture exercises . It is therefore to help you in this dynamic that we suggest you discover a selection of 5 sports exercises easy to perform from your home. 1. Knee climbs: very good sports exercises for jogging at home If you want to increase your heart rate and burn calories at home, knee climbs are the workout for you. Thanks to the physical efforts that you will…

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    Honest Review of Jumping Fitness Regime

    When I was asked by my friend Steffy if I would like to try jumping fitness, I had to smile at first. For me that meant: I jump in a course, on a trampoline, to loud music and a screaming trainer. Not at all my idea of ​​sport. But I gave it a chance and signed up. Admittedly I was a bit excited that day: what would I expect? What will the coach be like? How big is the group? Would I even survive this hour after reading everything? What is jumping fitness anyway? You bounce on a trampoline during the entire training session, alternating between dynamic movements with your legs or arms. More than 400…

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    Why losing weight is getting harder because of the internet?

    Losing weight is a big topic on the Internet, whether on blogs or other platforms. Alleged nutrition experts shower us with advice, which we of course follow without thinking. But have you ever made the effort and only critically questioned a handful of tips? I’ve lost well over 30 pounds and yet I’m far from a nutritionist. But my common sense sounds the alarm when I read the most insane advice on the internet. Lately I’ve been getting messages from readers asking me, for example, if it’s really bad to eat fruit because they read on a blog that they won’t be able to lose weight. This question alone makes…