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Honest Review of Jumping Fitness Regime

When I was asked by my friend Steffy if I would like to try jumping fitness, I had to smile at first. For me that meant: I jump in a course, on a trampoline, to loud music and a screaming trainer. Not at all my idea of ​​sport. But I gave it a chance and signed up.

Admittedly I was a bit excited that day: what would I expect? What will the coach be like? How big is the group?

Would I even survive this hour after reading everything?

What is jumping fitness anyway?

Jumping Fitness Trampoline Bad Kreuznach

You bounce on a trampoline during the entire training session, alternating between dynamic movements with your legs or arms. More than 400 muscles are used, but the joints are spared. At the same time, your body balance is really challenged, because the trampoline never gives you a firm footing. This in turn strengthens your deep-seated muscles.

How was the first jumping fitness class?

The lesson took place in a squash room, a maximum of 15 people were allowed to participate. That was really enough, because the trampolines made it quite tight. Fortunately we weren’t the only newcomers, so the “risk of embarrassment” was calculable. The warm-up lasted about 10 minutes and made it clear that the workout will not be a walk in the park.

At the beginning I had a few problems with my leg-arm coordination, because the lack of a “safe” stance means that you don’t move as freely and flexibly as on the floor. But luckily there is a “handrail” that offers a little protection and support. But things went really well after the warm-up.

I never felt as high as the trainer in my jumps. With her, everything looked incredibly easy and not at all exhausting. But I can say for sure: it’s exhausting! We all worked up a lot of sweat and I admit, the lesson was really fun!

The only drawback?

Clearly the price! The hour costs 10 €, which I find quite expensive. Every now and then it’s great, but every week that’s just too much for me! If I imagine that I also had a gym membership, it quickly costs 100 € a month.

Will I do jumping fitness again?

For sure! However, in no regular cycle, but every now and then, as a little “treat”.

It’s really fun, the trainer was very motivating, the music mix was absolutely great and the group was also very pleasant. But I am sure that the experiences will differ, because as with any group training, the whole thing stands and falls with the trainer.

Edit: Since some have already asked what the sore muscles looked like: I had very slight sore muscles 2 days after training. But it was very manageable and not nearly as intense as after a bodyweight training!

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