How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost
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How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

A winning smile with sparkling white teeth gives you a healthy, confident look. If your own teeth don’t look like a Hollywood star at all, bleaching can do wonders to boost your self-esteem. It is basically a teeth whitening treatment that cosmetically whiten the teeth and remove discoloration. There are various methods for this, which are best used in a dental practice and not at the sink at home. This seems to be an expensive treatment but the thing is that how expensive is teeth whitening in the dental office vs performing at-home teeth whitening treatment?  

Before Bleaching Look For a Professional Teeth Cleaning Service

Stained, discolored or yellow teeth are not hazardous to health nor bleaching is medically necessary. It is a purely cosmetic treatment to enhance your smile. You will find various over-the-counter offers for teeth whitening at home that too at very affordable prices in any drugstore or pharmacy. Such home bleaching sets often have a very low concentration of the lightening active ingredient and thus differ from cosmetic teeth whitening treatment that takes place by a professional dentist.

Regardless of whether you are planning a whitening with gel, mouth rinses, adhesive strips or whitening pens: you must visit your dentists beforehand and have a professional teeth cleaning carried out. The teeth and interdental spaces should be spotlessly clean and free of plaque residues and tartar so that the whitening agents can penetrate the tooth enamel well and whiten the teeth evenly. With a previous check-up, the dentist can also identify possible problem areas related to the teeth and mouth. 

How Much Does Home Teeth Whitening Cost?

When your teeth are healthy and freshly cleaned, there are a variety of over-the-counter whitening methods to choose from. The methods and prices are very different. For home use, the bleaching substances in the preparations are low in doses in order to avoid injuries and damage to health. For this reason alone, home bleaching processes often do not achieve the desired results. Nevertheless, if you use do-it-yourself bleaching incorrectly, your gums can be damaged by low doses of the bleaching agent. Making the lower dosage more effective through a longer exposure time increases the risk of irritation and injury.

Home bleaching:  Bleaching is carried out at home, but under the supervision of the dentist and with a custom-made splint for your teeth. This is necessary because otherwise the bleach can get on the gums and cause irritation there. The splint is filled with the bleach and worn overnight. Remnants of bleach must be thoroughly removed after wearing. A custom-made splint for your teeth costs around 200 to 300 euros, plus the cost of the bleach. 

Tooth whitening gel with LED application:  This version of bleaching also works with a splint, which you have to adjust yourself. This is heated in hot water, making it malleable and must be pressed into the correct shape on your own teeth. The bleach is poured into the rail. When the splint sits on the teeth, the bleaching effect of the gel is stimulated with blue LED light. Such sets cost around 25 to 100 euros .

Bleaching strips / adhesive strips: Adhesive strips  covered with bleach are stuck on the teeth for around half an hour. The costs for this method are between 10 and 45 euros.

Bleaching pens:  Here the gel is simply applied to the teeth with a pen and has to take effect for a while. The whitening pens cost between 5 and 20 euros . 

Whitening toothpaste:  These products contain abrasive ingredients in addition to the usual dental care ingredients. This is understood to be tiny abrasives that are supposed to mechanically sand away even strong discoloration, so to speak. In the case of deeper stains or discoloration, a whitening toothpaste will no longer help. Due to the contained emery components, the enamel can be damaged and practically brushed away, so caution is advised. Toothpastes that whiten teeth cost between 3 and 10 euros . 

What does whitening at the dentist cost?

Your dentist can use bleaching preparations with significantly higher concentrations for his bleaching methods in his practice and thus achieve significantly better results. Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide gel is used. When teeth are whitened by the dentist, it must also be ensured that there are no caries and no gingivitis or periodontitis. Treatment can begin after professional teeth cleaning.

How long does teeth whitening last?

The duration of the lightening effect depends on lifestyle and individual oral hygiene. After a dentist performs the whitening treatment, teeth are usually whitened for 2 to 4 years. Anyone who consumes a lot of red wine, coffee and tobacco and seldom brushes their teeth would quickly stains their teeth darker again.  

Risks and side effects of whitening

Pregnant women and children under 16 years should refrain from bleaching their teeth. With the sharp whitening products you can have very sensitive teeth for a certain period of time; however, this effect recedes overtime. The gums can be swollen and tender if they come into contact with the sharp whitening gel during home use. Accidentally swallowing bleaching gel can also cause stomach irritation. Artificial dentures such as crowns or bridges cannot be lightened; Therefore, there may be deviations in the tooth colors when the real teeth are whitened. Since the tooth enamel becomes slightly more porous with each bleaching, it is advisable to have the teeth bleached no more than every two or three years. 

Stay away from home remedies!

Baking soda, baking soda, lemon juice, salt, or even strawberries are among the easily available inexpensive options that are often recommended for removing discoloration and creating a bright white smile. To a certain extent, these agents can remove discoloration. But the price is high: even if tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, it can easily be damaged by acid or sharp-edged abrasive particles. Tooth enamel damaged by acid or abrasive particles is prone to tooth decay and other dental problems.  

Bottom Line

White teeth are considered attractive, look healthy and make our smile shine. In order to get brighter teeth, there are various treatments for at home and at the dentist, some of which differ significantly in terms of effect and price. For a gorgeous Hollywood smile, it is best to seek the expert support and advice of your dental practice to protect the health of your teeth. You also need to follow a tooth-friendly diet to brighten up your smile.

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