Tips For a Tooth-Friendly Diet
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Tips For a Tooth-Friendly Diet

You probably already know that a lot of sugar can damage your teeth. But why is this actually the case and what else can you consider in your diet to do something good for your biters?

Beware of sweet and sour foods!

In order to keep your teeth beautifully white, healthy and fit for a long time, you should not only brush them regularly and thoroughly, but also pay attention to the foods that you eat every day.  One thing is very clear that if you want to eat a tooth-friendly diet, you should only eat foods that contains sugar in moderation. Because the caries bacteria convert the sugar contained in the food into acid and thereby attack your tooth enamel. Particularly sweet foods, are very sticky and contains high amount of sugar thus damages the teeth.

So it’s best to use sugar-free sweets and low-sugar foods whenever possible. But if you do want to have a snack, you should make sure that you only use it once, instead of repeatedly putting small, sweet amounts into your mouth throughout the day.

You should also be careful with foods that are high in acid, such as fruits and vegetables. Because this can also attack your tooth enamel. In order to neutralize the pH value again after consumption, it is best to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.

These foods are good for your teeth

  • In order to really strengthen your biters, it is particularly important that you consume solid foods such as raw vegetables, whole grain bread and nuts. When you eat such food, your jaw muscles, teeth, and gums gets strengthened. In addition to this, a lot of saliva is produced when chewing, which helps to cleans and protect your teeth.
  • If you want to do something good for your teeth, you should also drink a lot throughout the day. But it is better to use water instead of sugary and acidic drinks such as juices or lemonades! If you drink a few sips of sugary drinks every now and then, rinse your mouth thoroughly, clean it and stimulate your natural saliva function.
  • A sufficient supply of minerals such as calcium and fluoride is just as important for healthy and strong teeth. This allows you to support the remineralization of your tooth enamel. You will find calcium mainly in dairy products, nuts, seeds and dark green vegetables such as broccoli and kale. You can consume fluoride, for example, through fluorinated table salt.

One last tip

If you follow these guidelines for a tooth-friendly diet, you have already done a lot to ensure that you can keep biting firmly with healthy and white teeth for a long time to come. But do not forget that careful dental care is also important! To keep up with the beautiful smile and to get professional teeth whitening treatment to brighten your smile; you should make regular appointments for a check-up with your dentist. 

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