UV and LED radiation not only harm your skin, but also your eyes!

Protect your eyesight from UV rays and high-energy LED light.

Outdoor UV light and LED light are all around us. Today’s everyday life is a permanent attack on our eyes. Today we will inform you about innovative characteristics of eyeglass lenses and give you tips on how to protect your eyes.

There are various approaches for people who wear glasses, how to protect the eye area and the eyes, including the lens and retina, from harmful radiation. These glasses are of course also available without prescription, just to protect the eyes.

  1. Self-tinting glasses: When exposed to UV radiation, the lenses automatically turn darker. That has two effects. The glass itself absorbs up to 99% of the UV radiation. The independent tinting of the glasses frames prevents glare from the glaring sunlight.
  2. Blue filter / blue blocker: The blue filter is an additional coating that is applied to the lens, similar to an anti-reflective coating. The blue filter largely absorbs the high-energy part of the blue LED light and reduces the radiation dose to a minimum. This largely prevents the risk of premature aging of the eye area and / or early disease of “cataracts” or “macular degeneration”.
  3. Light, white glasses: White glasses can also be equipped with UV protection and blue filters, e.g. for the workplace, other indoor / outdoor activities or just for normal days when no glare from sunlight is to be expected.

If you are looking for more information on the effect of high-energy blue LED light, you can also watch the contribution of the Plusminus program in the ARD media library or on YouTube. In it, scientists report on the effects, the development of certain clinical pictures and their consequences.  

UV radiations are harmful

It is well known that we have to protect our skin from UV radiation with sunscreen. But how do you protect your eyes? Lots of people have sunglasses for men. But are the glasses only dark or do they actually absorb the UV radiation.

Only use branded lenses with a guaranteed UV400 filter in your glasses, i.e. for light up to a wavelength of 400 nanometers. Self-tinting lenses with or without thickness give you the security that your eyes are always protected.

The combination with the blue filter is ideal. This also absorbs the high-energy blue LED light from PC screens, cell phones, tablets, LED televisions and LED lighting. The wavelength of the high-energy LED light is above the 400 nanometers that the UV filter absorbs, making it an effective addition to protecting your eyesight!

Cellphone can damage vision

Oh, a new WhatsApp message and we are already looking at the cell phone screen, whether outside in the light or inside in the dark.

Be sure to use your phone in night mode. The radiation intensity is greatly reduced. Provide ambient light. Otherwise, the radiation dose increases significantly because of your wide open pupils.

Notebook and tablets can effect eyesight

Chill on the couch and see what’s going on in the world. Watch a YouTube video or post a message on Facebook. Here, too, the entire eye area is exposed to high-energy LED radiation.

This screen should also be set to night mode to reduce radiation.

Watch TV carefully

After work is done, we like to relax at home in front of the TV, alone or with friends. Since today’s televisions are mostly produced on the basis of LEDs, the high-energy blue LED light also affects our eyes, often in darkened rooms.

Therefore: Always make sure that there is enough ambient light so that the pupils of your eyes constrict and thus less radiation automatically reaches the retina!

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