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Weight Loss

Why losing weight is getting harder because of the internet?

Losing weight is a big topic on the Internet, whether on blogs or other platforms. Alleged nutrition experts shower us with advice, which we of course follow without thinking. But have you ever made the effort and only critically questioned a handful of tips?

I’ve lost well over 30 pounds and yet I’m far from a nutritionist. But my common sense sounds the alarm when I read the most insane advice on the internet. Lately I’ve been getting messages from readers asking me, for example, if it’s really bad to eat fruit because they read on a blog that they won’t be able to lose weight.

This question alone makes me sad and at a loss. How can a “pseudo-expert” advise young women not to eat fruit because it supposedly prevents them from losing weight? Yes, fruit has lots of fructose (the amount varies a lot between types!), But have you actually ever heard a doctor tell a person, “You’re too fat because you eat too much fruit!”? I strongly dare to doubt that.

The same goes for carbohydrates . They are real devils among food and can only be eaten until 3 p.m., otherwise you will never be able to lose weight! If you do, God have mercy on you!

Honestly? WEAKNESS! It’s all about your energy balance ! I ate an incredible amount of carbohydrates in my intensive weight loss phase, but this nevertheless easily led to an energy deficit due to my sporting activities. I am fully aware that my body uses carbohydrates really well and I also know that there are people who can use proteins better than carbohydrates. But what kind of person you are, you will never find out if you forbid yourself a certain type of food!

It’s about a healthy and balanced diet that properly supplies your body, but at the same time does not take away the joy of eating, food and invitations to eat! Try to eat intuitively and don’t worry too much about losing weight, but analyze your cravings! Most of the time, the cravings come from inner tension and fears . Find out what’s bothering you and do something about it instead of eating a candy bar. I know this sounds incredibly easy, but it’s a big step and very hard work! You won’t make it overnight either, but go through a process that makes you stronger overall!

For starters, I think it’s perfectly fine to count points, calories, or whatever. But only to get a measure ! If you do this for a long time, at some point you will not be able to think of anything else. If you only think of these numbers with every meal, an eating disorder is unfortunately not far away. 

Also, please never forget that 1,700 calories are not always 1,700 calories!

It always depends on how you fill them! You can use it to eat pizza and a white flour roll or a bowl with lots of delicious ingredients, porridge for breakfast and a salad with a side dish during the lunch break.

I don’t want to pillory anyone, which is why I don’t mention names. But I would like to raise your awareness and give you the following tips :

  • Observe your body and analyze what you can tolerate well
  • Don’t take too long breaks between meals, or you’ll overeat the next one
  • Pay attention to what your body can use well: fats, carbohydrates, proteins?
  • Eat a healthy, mixed diet
  • Eat more whole grains than wheat
  • Do not impose too many prohibitions on yourself, they only stir up excitement
  • Drink water and unsweetened tea
  • Keep your hands off Light – no matter what form!
  • Stay in balance, mentally and physically

It was actually already there! If you feel good and full of energy, then you are doing everything right! Do not allow yourself to be scourged by guidelines from people who set unrealistic standards . If you would like to deal more with the subject of “Intuitive Eating”, I can highly recommend the book “Intuitive Weight Loss”!

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